Ingersoll-Rand Federal Credit Union
Fee Schedule

Membership Share $5.00 par value
Overdraft Fee (Honor from Shares)  up to 6 per month $10.00 per overdraft
Overdraft Fee (Returned NSF) $25.00 per overdraft
ATM POS EFT Withdrawal (Honor from Shares) up to 6 per month $10.00 per overdraft
ATM POS EFT Withdrawal (Dishonor) $25.00 per overdraft
ATM Fee  (Charge for using foreign ATM)  (not our ATM) $1.00 per transaction

Master Card Debit Card Overdraft Fee (Honor from Shares) up to 6 per month                  

$10.00 per overdraft
Master Card Debit Card Overdraft Fee (Outstanding charge) $25.00 per overdraft

ACH Stop Payment Fee

$15.00 per request 
Stop Payment Fee $15.00 per request
Share Draft Photo Copy $5.00 per draft
Deposited Item Return Fee $25.00 per item
Share Draft Printing Fee (Deluxe Check) Price varies by style
Cashier/Certified Check Fee $2.00per check
Statement Copy $0.25 per page
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) Fee $18.00 within United States


Incoming Wire Fee (Domestic) $10.00 per wire
Western Union Fee $30.00 within U. S. 
Money Order Fee Maximum amount $999.99 $2.00 per money order
Statement Reconciliation and Administration Fee $20.00 per hour. One hour minimum
Check Cashing Fee $5.00 per check if balance below $50.00 and only have a Share account
Visa Classic Application  (one time fee) $12.00 one-time fee
Visa Platinum Application  (one time fee) $20.00 one-time fee
Visa Credit or Master Card Debit Card Replacement $5.00 per card

Visa Gift Cards  $10.00- $500.00

Visa Gift Cards  $501.00 - $1,000.00                                        

$3.50 per card
$4.50 per card
Closed Account Fee  $5.00 within 12 months of opening account
Loan Late Fee

$20.00 per month 

Interest Payment Fee (Skip A Pay) $10.00 - once per year
Notary Service Donation
Overdraft Privilege Fee

$25.00 per item paid 

IRA Transfer Out Early Fee $20.00 per IRA
Legal Documents $50.00 per document
Return Mail/Incorrect Address $2.00 per returned item


Inactive Account Fee (After 18 months)                                                              $1.00 per month  

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